Applying up to 35 different colours per day

Sun protection manufacturer Reflexa commissions powder-coating plant for special colours

In addition to a high surface quality, flexibility and short cycle times were top priority when designing the powder-coating plant for the manufacturer of sun-protection equipment Reflexa. MEEH Jumbo Coat developed a plant with very short cycle times.

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Reflexa manufactures sun-protection elements and uses its new plant only for the application of special colour.

For the handling of profiles, faceplates and fasteners, a variety of product carriers are available, which can be suspended from the lifting beams.

The lifting beams are pushed manually to the traversing gantry; the transport in the traversing gantry is handled electrically.

The pre-treatment of the aluminium parts includes the following process steps: pickling/degreasing, washing 1, washing 2, demineralised washing and passivating.

The air flow is guided in a vertical direction, which allows the application of two colours per lifting beam.

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