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Legal notes concerning this website:
With its judgement rendered on 12 May 1998, the Regional Court of Hamburg decided that owners of web sites who install a link leading to another web site might be held responsible for the contents of the linked site. According to the Regional Court, any responsibility for the contents of linked sites can only be avoided if the owner of the site containing the link dissociates himself/herself expressly from the contents of the linked sites. I have incorporated links in my website contents that lead to other sites on the internet. The following declaration applies to all these links:
I declare expressly that I do not have any influence on the layout and contents of the web sites linked to mine. Therefore, I dissociate myself explicitly from all contents of all web sites linked to my own and I do not adopt any of these contents. This declaration applies to all links presented on our homepage and to all contents of web sites that are linked via the banners and links registered on our website. My web space contains files of different file types (animated GIFs, JavaScript, Midi-Sounds). As far as I know, these special files may be used without restrictions. In the event that I have violated unknowingly any copyrights, please let me know. I will remove the files in question immediately.

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1. We keep the contents up to date to the best of our ability. However, we refuse any liability for the correctness of the information made available. Therefore, we do not grant any warranty and do not assume any liability for the correctness of the information made available.

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